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Vegan Breakfast Meal Replacement Shakes

What do I put in my Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes?


Want to know what the main components of my breakfast meal replacement shakes are? You can watch my Live Video Here to Find Out!

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My Vegan Breakfast Meal Replacement Shakes Have 3 Main Components

The most important thing about my shakes is that they really serve its purpose of providing me with the vitamins and minerals my body needs. I also use my shakes to help regulate my body’s digestive system. With that being said, here are the 3 main components of my Breakfast Meal Replacement Shake.

  • Protein – I make sure to use a Certified Vegan and Certified Gluten Free Brand. My Brand of Choice has been Arbonne. There are several flavors to choose from. The Vanilla seems to be the most versatile to mix with different flavors (Of course, that’s just my opinion). The Protein in these shakes are derived from Peas and Rice.Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.07.48 AM
  • Fiber – Next is Fiber. We all know how important fiber is for our digestive systems. Not only does it help support regularity, it also supports cardiovascular health. This Gluten Free blend is made up of peas, apples, citrus fruits and beets. The best part is that it’s flavorless, so great to really add to any food, beverage or baked good. Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.07.21 AM
  • Probiotics/Prebiotics – This is my last necessary component of my shakes. Soooo important for GUT HEALTH! Do you currently take a probiotic and prebiotic supplement daily? If not, then you need to start doing so to help naturally support your body’s digestive system. These little packets are perfect for me to just pour into my shake. Comes in a 30 Day Supply. Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.06.33 AM

Once I have these 3 components in my shake, I just add either water or any non-dairy milk to it. I like to switch things up a bit each day. Sometimes Almond Milk, sometimes Coconut or Oat Milk. Then I also add other goodies, depending on what I have on hand that day. Maybe some berries, or half a banana (not whole, due to high sugar content), raw oats, etc.

You can be so creative with the additional flavors you add to these 3 components!


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