Virtual Learning Advice: 5 Tips for Your Virtual Learning to Run Smoother Daily

I know how challenging it is now for many parents out there. So many have to teach their kids virtually, while working their 9-5 job remotely.

I will be giving you 5 Tips to help your virtual learning days run as smoothly as possible so that you are able to better manage working and teaching at the same time. Multi-tasking alone is a skill. Never mind having to multi-task with a child (or children) who aren’t co-operating as you’d like to complete their school work.

I say it ALL the time. Kids listen to their Teachers better than their Parents. Why? It’s because they’re comfortable around their parents. It’s their safe zone (especially when they’re actually in their own home). When in school, with a teacher and away from home, they are stepping out of that comfort zone, so they’re less likely to give the Teacher a hard time.

How do we try and prevent our kids from giving us a hard time when they’re too comfortable learning at home?

Here’s 5 Tips to Try and Get them to Respect you! Just as they would their Teacher. Also, make them feel like they’re out of their comfort zone, just like they would feel in school:

1 – Let Them Know the Rules – Make sure they know what the rules are. Let them know, that they would follow rules during “school” hours, just as they would in real School. They also need to be informed that during Virtual Learning, while “school” is in session, they should be treating you just like their Teacher and not like Mom or Dad. Also, same rules apply like in school. No talking during lessons, no eating and drinking during lessons. Have dedicated bathroom breaks, etc.

2- Stick to a Routine – Have your Child stick to their normal School sleeping and eating routine, just as if they were in real school. If they are going to sleep too late, or waking up too early, it will definitely show in their learning performance!

During Home Schooling or Virtual Learning, it may be easier for Children to get more distracted for numerous reasons. There may be other Children home with them who are not learning like they are. This can cause distractions. Many Parents are home as well, either working themselves or doing chores around the house, etc.

There are so many variables to their learning experience while learning from home. So, the best thing to do is at least keep their sleep and eating habits consistent to give them that feeling of routine that they NEED to perform better with remote learning!

3- Dressing & Personal Hygeine – The very first thing my Daughter’s Teacher had told us the first day of Virtual Learning, was that the kids should LOOK just like they would have to in actual School. They should be dressed properly and appropriately (No PJ’s). They should also be keeping up with all Personal Hygeine! Be washed, groomed, etc. When the kids look and feel presentable, they will be more alert during lessons and take it more seriously.

4- Assigned Workspace w/ Good Lighting – The worse thing you want, is for your Child to have a Negative learning experience at home. Give them a “Space” to call their own, for their Learning. In school, they would have their own Desks and their own Chair.

Have ONE spot in the house dedicated just for them! The table and chair they use should be the same daily. This will also give them a sense of comfort and routine which will help them concentrate! Last but not least, make sure they have good lighting! Nice bright lighting will hep them be more alert and less tired.

5- Positive Reinforcement – This is probably one of the most important things to remember. As Parents, we tend to get frustrated when our kids don’t listen. Try very hard to understand that Remote Learning may be just as hard for them as it is for you. Make sure you are not focusing on the negatives. Focus on the Positive and reward their Positive behavior with something fun! Maybe an activity or special snack if they had a great day learning!

If you’re having a rough time with remote learning, know that you’re not alone. Think of these 5 Tips and see if there is something you can improve to help your Virtual Learning Days run Smoother for both you AND your Children!

Until Next Time!

Mommy Mirjana

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