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What we put in AND ON our bodies is so important…

Over the last year, I’ve made so many positive changes to my lifestyle and it’s made a HUGE difference with how I feel about myself!

A little history about me, ever since giving birth to my first child in 2013, I spent YEARS going from doctor, to doctor, to doctor, etc….

What was wrong with me??? No one was able to figure it out!

I had everything from horrible bloating, sharp stomach pains (so bad some days that I could barely walk), fatigue, skin issues, recurring infections, etc. It was horrible. And this went on years! After going to every specialist known to man and doing every medical test available out there to try and see what was wrong with me, I made the decision one day to change my eating habits.

And guess what???

After 3 days of changing my eating habits and eliminating certain foods, I felt like a brand new person!!! Can you believe that? ALL THAT TIME WASTED FOR YEARS GOING TO DOCTORS!!! And it was eliminating certain foods from my diet that cured me???!!! It was insane! Ever since then, I’ve become so much more conscious about what I put in and on my body, because it really does make a huge difference in our health! WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!

Now that I’ve taken my health into my own hands and out of the hands of doctors, I began helping others take THEIR health in THEIR own hands and become more aware of what they put in our bodies as well!

If you’re interested in learning either about my 30 Day Program to Healthy Living or just getting started using baby steps, I’m here to help!

Fill out this simple CONTACT INFO FORM and let me know in the message what you need to change about your health and I’ll reach out to you to go over your needs from there or you can answer this quick questionnaire! 

Want to Learn about helping others live a healthier lifestyle as well? CLICK HERE to learn more!

Our Mental Health and Well-being is just as important as our Physical Health!

So often we focus on our physical appearance, which is important for our health and confidence, but we tend to forget about our Mental Health. A lot of times we find ourselves stressed, fatigued, having anxiety, depression, etc.

Take this free Mental Wellness Assessment to see where you stand with your mental health!

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