Virtual Learning Advice: 5 Tips for Your Virtual Learning to Run Smoother Daily

I know how challenging it is now for many parents out there. So many have to teach their kids virtually, while working their 9-5 job remotely.

I will be giving you 5 Tips to help your virtual learning days run as smoothly as possible so that you are able to better manage working and teaching at the same time. Multi-tasking alone is a skill. Never mind having to multi-task with a child (or children) who aren’t co-operating as you’d like to complete their school work.

I say it ALL the time. Kids listen to their Teachers better than their Parents. Why? It’s because they’re comfortable around their parents. It’s their safe zone (especially when they’re actually in their own home). When in school, with a teacher and away from home, they are stepping out of that comfort zone, so they’re less likely to give the Teacher a hard time.

How do we try and prevent our kids from giving us a hard time when they’re too comfortable learning at home?

Here’s 5 Tips to Try and Get them to Respect you! Just as they would their Teacher. Also, make them feel like they’re out of their comfort zone, just like they would feel in school:

1 – Let Them Know the Rules – Make sure they know what the rules are. Let them know, that they would follow rules during “school” hours, just as they would in real School. They also need to be informed that during Virtual Learning, while “school” is in session, they should be treating you just like their Teacher and not like Mom or Dad. Also, same rules apply like in school. No talking during lessons, no eating and drinking during lessons. Have dedicated bathroom breaks, etc.

2- Stick to a Routine – Have your Child stick to their normal School sleeping and eating routine, just as if they were in real school. If they are going to sleep too late, or waking up too early, it will definitely show in their learning performance!

During Home Schooling or Virtual Learning, it may be easier for Children to get more distracted for numerous reasons. There may be other Children home with them who are not learning like they are. This can cause distractions. Many Parents are home as well, either working themselves or doing chores around the house, etc.

There are so many variables to their learning experience while learning from home. So, the best thing to do is at least keep their sleep and eating habits consistent to give them that feeling of routine that they NEED to perform better with remote learning!

3- Dressing & Personal Hygeine – The very first thing my Daughter’s Teacher had told us the first day of Virtual Learning, was that the kids should LOOK just like they would have to in actual School. They should be dressed properly and appropriately (No PJ’s). They should also be keeping up with all Personal Hygeine! Be washed, groomed, etc. When the kids look and feel presentable, they will be more alert during lessons and take it more seriously.

4- Assigned Workspace w/ Good Lighting – The worse thing you want, is for your Child to have a Negative learning experience at home. Give them a “Space” to call their own, for their Learning. In school, they would have their own Desks and their own Chair.

Have ONE spot in the house dedicated just for them! The table and chair they use should be the same daily. This will also give them a sense of comfort and routine which will help them concentrate! Last but not least, make sure they have good lighting! Nice bright lighting will hep them be more alert and less tired.

5- Positive Reinforcement – This is probably one of the most important things to remember. As Parents, we tend to get frustrated when our kids don’t listen. Try very hard to understand that Remote Learning may be just as hard for them as it is for you. Make sure you are not focusing on the negatives. Focus on the Positive and reward their Positive behavior with something fun! Maybe an activity or special snack if they had a great day learning!

If you’re having a rough time with remote learning, know that you’re not alone. Think of these 5 Tips and see if there is something you can improve to help your Virtual Learning Days run Smoother for both you AND your Children!

Until Next Time!

Mommy Mirjana

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5 Reasons Stay-at-Home Moms Need to Have a Side Hustle!

SAHM’s are so Overwhelmed most of the time! Yes, I know what you’re thinking….How could I possibly have time for a Side Hustle if I’m already SO overwhelmed???

*This Blog Post may contain Affiliate Links and will allow me to earn a commission on any purchases you may make using these links.

In this Blog Post, I will give you 5 Reasons why I believe ALL Stay-at-Home Moms should have a Side Hustle!

Here they are:

1- Sense of Community:

It’s all too often that I hear Moms say how overwhelmed they feel and how lonely it is being with ONLY kids all day. With only limited adult conversations and interaction, it can make a person feel isolated.

This is why it’s so important for a Mom to be part of a Community. By having a Side Hustle, you become immersed in a new culture. You also end up networking, meeting new friends & growing as an individual.

As a result of becoming part of a community, you become more focused on YOU besides just being focused the kids AND it gives you that real interaction that you NEED to avoid feeling isolated.

2- Earning Your Own Income:

Financial Independence!! This is sooooo important to me! I can’t imagine having to depend on someone else for money. I love the freedom that I have to make purchases without having to ask anyone if it’s ok. It’s mine. I work hard for it and I have every right to spend it.

I have heard so many stories from women who say they need to ask their husbands or partners first before they make a purchase (yes, it’s totally respectful to do so, especially if you have shared expenses).

BUT, the difference between asking out of RESPECT and asking because you HAVE TO is a big difference! When you make your own money, you have more independence. Very simple.

3- Having Something on Your Resume:

A lot of times Moms leave the workplace after having kids for one reason or another. Years later, once the kids are back in school and you’re ready to get back into the workplace. Well, guess what? It actually may be hard to get back in the workplace with a large gap in your resume.

This is unfortunate and it truly bothers me, but that’s the way it seems to be most of the time. Employers don’t want large resume gaps. They want to see that you were active in the workplace. It tells them that you can still work with others, you’re caught up on any changes with technology and most important, that you still have a drive to work.

What you can do to minimize this gap, is have a side job/gig and add it to your resume! There are tuns of skills acquired while having side gigs such as, technology/computer skills, marketing skills, social media strategy skills, etc. Utilize this and place it on your resume to let employers know that you’re still in the game!

4- Builds Confidence & Self Esteem:

One of the biggest things I hear from Stay-at-Home Moms is how they end up losing their sense of self. Often, they become so immersed in taking care of everyone else in their household that they tend to forget about themselves. Does this sound familiar to you?

What’s important, is to recognize when this happens and get out of that cycle ASAP!

Start putting yourself first! If we take care of ourselves better, we can take care of everyone else even better! As an example, when I joined my MLM, it helped me tremendously. I started taking care of myself again after years of putting myself last! (Disclosure: An MLM you choose has to feel properly aligned with you, you need a good supportive upline and you need to put effort into it).

If you have and do these things, it becomes such a great community! And guess what happens? Most importantly, you re-gain your confidence and self-esteem and start taking better care of yourself! (If you want to know more about my MLM you can head over HERE)

5- Can Turn into Full Time Income:

What can happen when you start a side hustle or side gig as a SAHM? The possibilities are really endless! Years ago, when I started a Bookkeeping side gig from home after having my first child, I never would have imagined that it would end up being one of my main sources of income years later!

Regardless of the type of side hustle you decide to start, you really never know where it can take you! It can end up becoming the best choice you ever made! It can also turn into a full time income generating machine! Remember, the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve thought about starting a Side Gig or Side Hustle, but have no idea where to start or no idea what you want to do, Let me help give you clarity! Get on a FREE 15 Min Call with me to help you figure it out!

Mirjana Lalic: Mompreneur Coach


How to get your Child to eat more Fruits and Vegetables…

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links where I will receive a commission if happen to make any purchases through them.

I hear it ALL the time! “My kids won’t eat their Fruits & Veggies” – Here’s are my Solutions!

Daily Gummies – I give my kids their daily dose of fruits and veggies in gummy form which they love! I use the Juice Plus brand and have been using it for years. It was actually recommended to me by my kid’s pediatrician. I buy the monthly subscription service so I know we’re always stocked up.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 11.14.06 AM

These gummies are Gluten Free, Vegan & Non-GMO and packed with various fruits and veggies! Nothing else. That’s why I love them and have been using it for years. Not only are my kids less sick since using them, but they became better eaters after using these as well!

Shakes for Snack – What kid doesn’t like either shakes or smoothies?? Mine love them! So the trick here is to make them tasty so that it hides all the healthy stuff kids usually dislike! Mine love smoothies with Strawberry, Bananas & Milk. What they don’t know is that I add some Spinach or Kale in there as well (Tip: Not too much, because it’ll make it too green & suspicious! lol). =)

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Another thing I add to them If I feel my kids need an extra boost of vitamins & minerals is a small scoop of Certified Vegan Shake Mix. It’s safe for kids over Age 1 & packed with nutrients! The kids love it & I’m happy that they are getting their nutrition in.

Soups & Stews – This one is huge in our house. I make soups or stews at least 2 times a week and make extra for leftovers. Cook down meats with all types of veggies & seasoning until everything is nice and tender & incorporated. Remove all but the broth and place the items in a blender with a splash of broth or water. Once blended, add it back to the soup or stew. Doing this makes your Soup or Stew slightly less watery but still not thick. Perfect for kids! They have no idea they’re eating all that goodness. Add some fun shaped little pasta to it and it’s even better!

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Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve tried any of these methods for your kids. There are so many more ways as well, but these are my 3 easiest quickest ways I recommend!



Homeschool Or Real School This Coming Fall 2020 During COVID-19?? The Question All Parents Are Asking Themselves Right Now

Homeschool or School__

What’s The Right Answer??? There is no right answer, but I know what I’ll be doing…

Last week I was given a choice. It was sent to me via Email from my child’s school district. Do I want my child to return to school in the Fall with very strict rules and guidelines? Or Do I want to continue my virtual learning (Which we did from March-June because we had no choice)?

Want to know what I chose??

I CHOSE to continue virtual learning….

It’s not something I ever planned on. Homeschooling is not something I ever really considered. I was one of those parents that used to actually enjoy dropping my kid off at school knowing that they were getting everything they needed there and I was able to go about my daily life of working, running errands, etc. It was a nice break for me since I have 3 small kids. Unloading 1 daily to school almost felt like a vacation every morning! LOL (For those of you with multiple children, I’m sure you totally get it!)

Why did I choose this option?

I’ll let you know just a few of the new guidelines in the school that were listed when our two options were given. I am just NOT comfortable sending my soon-to-be 1st Grader to school with these guidelines. School is supposed to be a fun learning environment for them. It’s supposed to be where they get social interaction. Do circle time, have recess, have lunch with their besties and make real connections with their teachers.

In these NEW GUIDELINES, I saw none of this.

I envisioned a kid that may get scared, be uncomfortable and would rather be home with her Mom homeschooling her again.

Because of this vision, I made my decision.

Here were some of the guidelines:

  • Special Classes and Electives will continue to be remote anyway
  • Staff will wear masks with option of face shields and desk shields
  • No Lunch in school (They can do a Grab-and-Go)
  • No Recess

I’m afraid my child won’t ENJOY school later once this is all over if she goes into a school environment like that.

I’d honestly rather just suck it up and Homeschool for another few months to avoid this possibility.

At home she won’t be taught by someone wearing a mask, face shield or desk barrier.

At home she’ll have play time (indoor and outdoor).

She’ll be able to have lunch with her siblings like normal.

Although she won’t be in school, her life will still feel normal. And that’s what I want. For her to FEEL some sort of NORMALCY.

Even though she is very aware that COVID-19 exists, she’s old enough to see the differences, new guidelines and precautions. There’s no need to worry her. As her Mom, I’m here to protect her and my other children in any way that I feel is best.

Some may not agree with my decision and that’s OK.

What matters is that WE are ok with it.

Share your thoughts on this by leaving me a comment.

What do you plan to do this fall?



A Basic Guide to Introducing Solids to Your Baby – For First Time Moms

Are you a 1st Time MOM and not really sure how to start feeding your Baby solids? If so, then I hope this post will lead you in the right direction!


Newborn Baby Announcement Social Media Graphic


As a first time Mom, I know how hard it can be when making decisions like this about your baby, and not knowing what the heck you’re doing! I totally get it and I’VE BEEN THERE!! It’s OK to NOT know. The important part is that you do have resources that can help you make these big decisions.

Because I’ve been there before, I want to be able to help other new Moms that may be going through this at the moment.

So let’s get into, how you know your baby may be ready for solids?

Things to ask yourself:

Is your baby still hungry after formula or breastmilk feedings? Waking more at night, due to hunger? Staring at you while you’re eating your food? Trying to reach for your food? All these are signs that your baby may be ready.

What month you start is really up to you. It’s usually between 4-5 months, where I’ve seen most Moms get their babies started. I started all my babies at the 5 month mark and worked my way up gradually.

Let’s talk about what’s first. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “Just add some rice to their milk”? If you’re an experienced Mom, you know exactly what that means, but if you’re new, you’re like “what? rice? how? how much?” It can be so confusing!

I’ve always started my kids on this Gerber’s Single Grain Plain Rice Cereal.Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 5.41.54 PM

What I did to start, was pour a teaspoon full into my baby’s bottles, shake it up and give it to them. This way they get used to the taste and the new texture a little bit. Once the baby adjusts to that, the next move was to try feeding them the cereal in a small bowl with a spoon. Mix it with either formula or breastmilk and make it more liquidy (if that’s a real word, lol) at first. As your baby gets used to it, you can make it thicker over time.

So now that we got our rice cereal down, time to move on to the  veggies.

If you notice on the rice cereal packaging above, in the lower right corner, it has a nice indicator of when your child is ready for that particular food. Super easy guide to follow!

My next food after rice cereal has always been carrots first. Although, you can go with any single veggie of your choice. I say “single veggie”, because it’s not good to mix different food together at first. In Stage 1 of Baby Food, you’ll find that they are all single foods. This is because, the rule of thumb is to introduce foods alone at least 3 days apart from each other to make sure your child doesn’t develop a food allergy from it. If there are signs of an allergic reaction, you’ll know exactly which fruit or veggie was the culprit.

This is what I chose first:

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 6.46.25 PM
Supported Sitter 1st Foods

If you’re wondering if you can make your own first foods, you totally can!! For me personally, it was just always easier to buy these, being a busy working Mom. I also personally chose to use Gerber on all 3 of my kids. But again, that was my choice. There are many brands out there that are also good. Since I used Gerber, I’m using these as my reference for this blog post.

Next, once your baby got to try all the 1st Single Food options, it’s time to start mixing and moving on to Stage 2 when your child is ready. Again, remember to look at the guide listed on the baby food. It’s such a great resource and helps you to make the right feeding decisions that coincide with your babies milestones.

As age does play a role in feeding, so do milestones. Make sure to check with your baby’s pediatrician as well to make sure timing is good to start feeding solids. Every baby shows growth differently and you never want to rush something if you’re baby isn’t ready.

I hope this quick guide to feeding first foods has been able to help you if you’re a new mom! Leave me a comment and let me know how it went. =)

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Until Next Time,

Mommy Mirjana


Living Through a Pandemic with 3 Small Children…

Only a few months back, we all (those of us in the U.S.) sat around and watched what was going on in the world with the new Coronavirus….

As we watched, we started panicking…Will our children be ok? What if something happens to us? Who will take care of them? Will there be space in the hospitals for us God forbid we did get sick? Will we have enough food to feed our children (due to all the “panic buying”)? And the list goes on…


The truth is, we all freaked out and we all got scared of our future and the unknown. And that is OK!

Once the virus made it’s way to the U.S. and it was declared a Pandemic, we got even more terrified. With new lockdown orders, restrictions, business closing, schools closing, many of us losing our jobs, we did the only thing we could do.

We made sure our children were as protected as they could be.

What does that mean for us parents? Following social distancing guidelines as much as possible. Having only 1 parent at a time leave to go to the store to make necessary purchases. Stop all social interactions with friends and family. Keeping all 3 kids home for months! Switching up to homeschooling for my oldest who is 6, and I was shocked, by the way, at the amount of school work she was given on a daily basis!

While homeschooling (which I’ve never done before) a 6 year old, we had to make sure to still entertain our 4 year old and take care of our 1 year old.

What happens while trying to do this???? Absolute chaos!

Yes, it’s always technically chaotic in our home with 3 small children, but this is different. When you can’t go anywhere, or take the kids out for a playdate or to the park for a breather. You literally drive each other bonkers 24/7!

But this was the new “normal”…

As restrictions start to slowly lift now, and there’s still a lot of “unknown” out there, many of us will be hesitant to go back to our old lives (pre-pandemic), even with all the new rules and new way of living.

Parents…this was HARD. VERY HARD, especially for those of you who had to work virtually from home, unable to bring your children to daycares or hire a sitter. You did all of it on your own!

However you decide to make your way back into the new norm and the new version of society, do it at your own comfort level and don’t judge others.

This whole experience only made us stronger as humans and as parents!

Until Next Time,

Mommy Mirjana