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5 Reasons Stay-at-Home Moms Need to Have a Side Hustle!

SAHM’s are so Overwhelmed most of the time! Yes, I know what you’re thinking….How could I possibly have time for a Side Hustle if I’m already SO overwhelmed???

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In this Blog Post, I will give you 5 Reasons why I believe ALL Stay-at-Home Moms should have a Side Hustle!

Here they are:

1- Sense of Community:

It’s all too often that I hear Moms say how overwhelmed they feel and how lonely it is being with ONLY kids all day. With only limited adult conversations and interaction, it can make a person feel isolated.

This is why it’s so important for a Mom to be part of a Community. By having a Side Hustle, you become immersed in a new culture. You also end up networking, meeting new friends & growing as an individual.

As a result of becoming part of a community, you become more focused on YOU besides just being focused the kids AND it gives you that real interaction that you NEED to avoid feeling isolated.

2- Earning Your Own Income:

Financial Independence!! This is sooooo important to me! I can’t imagine having to depend on someone else for money. I love the freedom that I have to make purchases without having to ask anyone if it’s ok. It’s mine. I work hard for it and I have every right to spend it.

I have heard so many stories from women who say they need to ask their husbands or partners first before they make a purchase (yes, it’s totally respectful to do so, especially if you have shared expenses).

BUT, the difference between asking out of RESPECT and asking because you HAVE TO is a big difference! When you make your own money, you have more independence. Very simple.

3- Having Something on Your Resume:

A lot of times Moms leave the workplace after having kids for one reason or another. Years later, once the kids are back in school and you’re ready to get back into the workplace. Well, guess what? It actually may be hard to get back in the workplace with a large gap in your resume.

This is unfortunate and it truly bothers me, but that’s the way it seems to be most of the time. Employers don’t want large resume gaps. They want to see that you were active in the workplace. It tells them that you can still work with others, you’re caught up on any changes with technology and most important, that you still have a drive to work.

What you can do to minimize this gap, is have a side job/gig and add it to your resume! There are tuns of skills acquired while having side gigs such as, technology/computer skills, marketing skills, social media strategy skills, etc. Utilize this and place it on your resume to let employers know that you’re still in the game!

4- Builds Confidence & Self Esteem:

One of the biggest things I hear from Stay-at-Home Moms is how they end up losing their sense of self. Often, they become so immersed in taking care of everyone else in their household that they tend to forget about themselves. Does this sound familiar to you?

What’s important, is to recognize when this happens and get out of that cycle ASAP!

Start putting yourself first! If we take care of ourselves better, we can take care of everyone else even better! As an example, when I joined my MLM, it helped me tremendously. I started taking care of myself again after years of putting myself last! (Disclosure: An MLM you choose has to feel properly aligned with you, you need a good supportive upline and you need to put effort into it).

If you have and do these things, it becomes such a great community! And guess what happens? Most importantly, you re-gain your confidence and self-esteem and start taking better care of yourself! (If you want to know more about my MLM you can head over HERE)

5- Can Turn into Full Time Income:

What can happen when you start a side hustle or side gig as a SAHM? The possibilities are really endless! Years ago, when I started a Bookkeeping side gig from home after having my first child, I never would have imagined that it would end up being one of my main sources of income years later!

Regardless of the type of side hustle you decide to start, you really never know where it can take you! It can end up becoming the best choice you ever made! It can also turn into a full time income generating machine! Remember, the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve thought about starting a Side Gig or Side Hustle, but have no idea where to start or no idea what you want to do, Let me help give you clarity! Get on a FREE 15 Min Call with me to help you figure it out!

Mirjana Lalic: Mompreneur Coach


10 Best Side Hustles for Stay At Home Moms in 2020

Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom and looking to bring in some extra income to contribute to your family’s finances? If yes, check out these 10 Best Side Hustles!

Morning Routine Checklist for the

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. 

Sell Items on the FB Marketplace – 

Untitled design (1)

As a Mom, I know how often we can accumulate junk that we really don’t NEED in the house. No matter how often I clean up and throw things out, we somehow end up accumulating stuff ALL THE TIME! So what do you do with it??? Yes, you can just chuck the stuff, but why? Don’t they always say, “One Man’s junk is another Man’s Treasure”? There’s always someone on the market looking for what you want to get rid of. So why not turn your junk into profits? Clothes you no longer wear, furniture you no longer want, random items around the house you figure just take up space rather than being useful…All these items call be sold on the FB Marketplace! It’s super easy to use and you make extra $ for what was just laying around the house wasting space (plus it’s extra stuff to clean!). It’s a win to just get rid of it and get some cash in your pocket!

Sell your Services like Bookkeeping or Childcare – 

Untitled design (2)

I personally do Bookkeeping from home to make extra $$. It’s great and you can totally be self-taught and don’t need any certificates or degrees for it. You just need to have basic knowledge of income and expenses and be willing to learn programs like Quickbooks. Another thing that’s great, is to offer child care services! I mean if you’re already home with your own kids, what’s the difference in adding an additional one or two children a day to make some income! Obviously, you want to check with your state’s childcare guidelines first to make sure of the amount of children you’re allowed to watch at a time without having a certified daycare.

Delivery Services Such as Uber Eats or Door Dash –

Untitled design (3)

I totally get how important it is for Moms to leave the house daily, not only to get some peace from their kids, but to do something for themselves! If you have a partner that’s willing to watch the kids when they get home from work, this may be perfect for you to get out of the house a few hours a day by signing up for later shifts. If you go to each of their sites for Uber Eats and Door Dash, you can compare the two first, and see which one is best for you! You’ll want to consider things like what shifts they offer, how much the pay, do they pay mileage, etc. Again, this is just a great option if you feel like you need to get out of the house a bit.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business –

Untitled design (4)

Do you have a hobby that you love?? For this source of creating income, your hobby will have to consist of actually creating cool items that you can sell. Are you into crafts, sewing, jewelry making, printing, etc? If so, you can totally sell your items on sites like Etsy or Shopify. Both are good options for setting up an online store to sell your goods. Things to consider with these options are what fees they charge, what payment options do they offer for your sales, setup fees, customization of your online store, etc. This is a great way to turn your hobby into an actual business! You should also make sure to set up an Instagram account to go with it, so you have a place to promote your products!

Join an MLM –

Untitled design (5)

There are so many Multi-Level Marketing Companies out there to choose from! I’ve been part of several of these companies in the past. They are great opportunities to make money while helping others! The current MLM I’m part of now, is a Vegan Company that offers Skincare & Nutrition and promotes living a healthy lifestyle! So not only do I make $ selling these products, but I help others live a healthier lifestyle as well. Here’s my story if you’re interesting is seeing why it was great for me! Here’s a few MLM companies that I personally love and recommend if you want to get started with joining one.

Usborne Books – Books for Children

Arbonne– Vegan Skincare & Nutrition

Perfectly Posh – Naturally Based Pampering Products

Amare – Supplemental Products that focus on Mental Wellness

31 Bags – Purses, Totes, Bags & Organizational items.

Become a Virtual Assistant – 

Untitled design (6)

Do you have computer skils, office experience or social media skills? If so, then you may want to consider becoming a Virtual Assistant. There are TUNS of opportunities out there and many companies seem to be moving into the virtual realm. All you need for this is a work space, computer, internet access, a phone, useful skills and a will to learn. Things you can do as a virtual assistant is almost unlimited. Examples are answering phone calls, responding to emails, managing social media accounts, doing research, creating digital content, writing blog posts. And the list can go on and on. It really just depends on what you have to offer based on your experience.

Turn a Passion into Income –

Untitled design (7)

Do you love to take pictures or create art? Turn these passions into reality and have them provide a source of income for you and your family. There are so many types of Photography businesses you can start. Again, it depends on you and what you’re interested in. Do you like taking pictures at events? If so, this is another great reason to get yourself out of the house a bit and away from the kids. There are also Apps out there where you can actually sell your photos as well. This Blog post is great to see which Apps make this possible. You can also sell your art using a site like Etsy or on your own website. You can even be creative and have fun by teaching art online. I’ll get into that in a bit!

Start a Blog or Vlog or Both –

Untitled design (8)I’m sure you’ve all heard how profitable Blogging can be. Vlogging can be just as profitable. What’s the difference between the two? Blogging is basically writing Blog posts on topics that interest you and can be useful to others on your own website that you set up through a site like WordPress, where I created mine. Vlogging on the other hand, is done by making videos on platforms like Youtube. I personally have a Youtube Channel as well and I find that it works hand in hand when you have both. Having both also gives you the opportunity to promote your own work from one platform to another! You can get Ad revenue on both and you can make affiliate income from both as well, plus have the opportunity to do sponsored posts. These are only some of the ways you can make income as a Blogger or as a Vlogger.

Affiliate Income –

Untitled design (9)So, I mentioned affiliate income above. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s when you are able to collect a commission as a reward for referring others to buy products from certain sites. For example, Amazon offers an affiliate program for influencers. Once approved for the affiliate program, you use your affiliate links in your blogs, vlogs, social media posts, etc., to encourage others to make their purchases through the use of your links. If purchases are made, you make a cut. Really simple. You just need a good following and enough traffic going to your platforms to make it profitable.

Teaching/Coaching – 

Untitled design (10)Is there something that you’re really good at?? Something that you feel you can teach others? If yes, then why not go ahead and create a course or become a coach in that area of expertise. Again, you don’t need a certification to become a coach, unless it’s a health coach or something along those lines. But if you feel you can maybe help others with their parenting or life or business, then why not help if you can and earn $ for doing so? What do you need? A business name, create a brand for it, register the business if needed, figure out where you’ll find your clients (Facebook is a great start), figure out your fee schedule and how you’ll collect payments. Simple and can be so successful!