My Top 5 Newborn Essentials

What products are my absolute must haves for my newborn baby boy??

Read below to find out or head over to my Youtube Channel to watch the full video here: Newborn Must Haves 2019

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Must Have Newborn Product #1 is the NEWBORN BOPPY LOUNGER

This product is absolutely a lifesaver! I’ve used one for ALL three of my children and each of them loved it! It’s basically a large pillow with a little groove this fits a newborn baby in it perfectly. They are so cute and snug while lounging out in it. I usually kept mine on the living room couch during the day and the baby would just chill while I go about with my daily business at home. Here’s a pic of my baby boy hanging out in his:


Must Have Newborn Product #2 are the MAM Newborn Bottles

Mam Bottles are great for 2 reasons. First reason, is that you can literally take them apart to clean them more efficiently (I haven’t seen other bottles that do this) and second reason is because they are Self-Sanitizing! Yes, that’s what I said. You don’t need any bulky sanitizing machines or to boil them like you would traditionally. Watch my video here, where I demonstrate how to do this: Newborn Must Haves 2019

Must Have Newborn Product #3 is the NOSE FRIDA A.K.A The SNOT SUCKER

I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about this product. I think its genius! Nothing works as well as this product to help clear up your little ones nose. And NO, you’re not sucking in your child’s boogers..You’re sucking them into that long tube which is attached to a filter so the boogies can’t make their way into your mouth. Again, absolutely genius! Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about:


Must Have Newborn Product #4 is the HOMEDICS SOUNDSPA LULLABY

Not only is this item nice and small, but I love all the options it offers. You can choose from 6 different sound options: Ocean, Rain, Cradle, Twinkle, Rock-a-Bye and Heartbeat. It also has the option to turn on projectile images on the ceiling for your little one to gaze at while falling asleep. The best part about this product are the timer options of 15 min, 30 min, 45 min & 60 min. Using a machine like this, in my experience, helped my baby boy sleep better and longer than my girls did (I didn’t use one with them). It’s a win/win for both baby and parents!

Must Have Newborn Product #5 is AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT

This stuff is great, not only for diaper rash but also on your newborn’s little face. It’s nice and thick, so I think it makes a great barrier between your baby’s bum and their diaper to help prevent rash and to get rid of rash if it’s already started. I used this product on my little one’s baby acne on his face, as well, and it helped clear it up. Now, I regularly put it on his chin so he doesn’t break out with all the drooling he’s started.

I hope this blog post has helped you decide which baby essentials are right for and your little ones. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these items that I have recommended!


Mommy Mirjana




Becoming a Mom of Three…


So…when I started this Blog, I was a Mom of 2.

Soon After, I realized that I was acting different. I was overly emotional and crying for almost anything. I knew at that point that something was up. Turns out I was Pregnant…

I had just started working at a daycare, which is not an easy job, when I found out that I was expecting our third child. As difficult as it was, I worked until my 9th month. On my feet 8 + hours a day, taking care of a classroom full of other people’s children, I figured at the time, “If I can handle this, I can definitely handle three of my own kids”.

Well, the time has come, my little son, (Sami), is now 3 weeks old, and I’m officially a MOM OF THREE! I still can’t really believe it.

Taking care of the baby this time, seems like a breeze due to my experience with my first two and help from my 5 year old. What seems complicated though, is coming up with a new routine and figuring out how the heck to do things and go places with 3 kids! It does feel overwhelming right now, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough, right?

Also, learning to have more patience. Patience is key with 3 kids (or with any amount of kids for that matter), but with 3 you need even more than with 1 or 2. I give props to all the parents out there that have more kids. I have no idea how in the world you do it. All the power to you!!

So now begins my journey as a MOM OF THREE. Wish me luck! =)


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Why I Started a Blog…

Why I started to blogSo, I guess everyone that starts a Blog has a reason for it right?? (Maybe not, but I’m assuming so) =)

To get right into it, the last few months have been a rollercoaster ride for me. It all started when I broke my leg back in October of 2017, right before Halloween (I’ll leave a link below to the Vlog). Before this happened I was a full-time working Mama that was beyond exhausted and was clearly over extending myself in every possible direction, like almost every Mom on the planet does. Once I was in better condition I went back to work on a part-time basis while I continued to recover…..Problem is, I never fully recovered.

Five months later, I switched doctors, explaining the situation, and scheduled knee surgery for the end of March 2018. Since then, I have been recovering nicely while on a temporary disability from my job.

So here’s the twist to this…I thought I was going to return to work the beginning of June, but instead a turn of events happened that basically left me now applying for unemployment!!?? It’s not like I had enough to deal with already this year, right???? Just can’t seem to catch a break for some reason. It’s ok though, I’m confident things will get better. What comes down can only go back up right???

So, here I am now, starting my Blog.

I’ve been applying for jobs every single day so far. I’m already coming to the realization that it’s not going to be easy to find something. Especially something that works for a Mom with 2 young kids.

Essentially, this Blog is my backup plan. Just in case I end up still unemployed when my unemployment runs out, I can have something up and running. I see all the time on my facebook feeds that so many moms are making income off their blogs and I always wished I was one of them. Well, here’s my chance to try and make that happen.

My job for the next few months is to figure out how exactly this whole Blogging thing works and just set my mind on soon running a successful Blog.

Now that you know the story on why I’m giving Blogging a try, let me know if you have any tips for me on how to make this a success in the comments section right down below.

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Talk to you soon,

Mommy Mirjana

Here’s the video of the day I broke my leg: