Homeschool Or Real School This Coming Fall 2020 During COVID-19?? The Question All Parents Are Asking Themselves Right Now

Homeschool or School__

What’s The Right Answer??? There is no right answer, but I know what I’ll be doing…

Last week I was given a choice. It was sent to me via Email from my child’s school district. Do I want my child to return to school in the Fall with very strict rules and guidelines? Or Do I want to continue my virtual learning (Which we did from March-June because we had no choice)?

Want to know what I chose??

I CHOSE to continue virtual learning….

It’s not something I ever planned on. Homeschooling is not something I ever really considered. I was one of those parents that used to actually enjoy dropping my kid off at school knowing that they were getting everything they needed there and I was able to go about my daily life of working, running errands, etc. It was a nice break for me since I have 3 small kids. Unloading 1 daily to school almost felt like a vacation every morning! LOL (For those of you with multiple children, I’m sure you totally get it!)

Why did I choose this option?

I’ll let you know just a few of the new guidelines in the school that were listed when our two options were given. I am just NOT comfortable sending my soon-to-be 1st Grader to school with these guidelines. School is supposed to be a fun learning environment for them. It’s supposed to be where they get social interaction. Do circle time, have recess, have lunch with their besties and make real connections with their teachers.

In these NEW GUIDELINES, I saw none of this.

I envisioned a kid that may get scared, be uncomfortable and would rather be home with her Mom homeschooling her again.

Because of this vision, I made my decision.

Here were some of the guidelines:

  • Special Classes and Electives will continue to be remote anyway
  • Staff will wear masks with option of face shields and desk shields
  • No Lunch in school (They can do a Grab-and-Go)
  • No Recess

I’m afraid my child won’t ENJOY school later once this is all over if she goes into a school environment like that.

I’d honestly rather just suck it up and Homeschool for another few months to avoid this possibility.

At home she won’t be taught by someone wearing a mask, face shield or desk barrier.

At home she’ll have play time (indoor and outdoor).

She’ll be able to have lunch with her siblings like normal.

Although she won’t be in school, her life will still feel normal. And that’s what I want. For her to FEEL some sort of NORMALCY.

Even though she is very aware that COVID-19 exists, she’s old enough to see the differences, new guidelines and precautions. There’s no need to worry her. As her Mom, I’m here to protect her and my other children in any way that I feel is best.

Some may not agree with my decision and that’s OK.

What matters is that WE are ok with it.

Share your thoughts on this by leaving me a comment.

What do you plan to do this fall?



10 Best Side Hustles for Stay At Home Moms in 2020

Are you a Stay-At-Home Mom and looking to bring in some extra income to contribute to your family’s finances? If yes, check out these 10 Best Side Hustles!

Morning Routine Checklist for the

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. 

Sell Items on the FB Marketplace – 

Untitled design (1)

As a Mom, I know how often we can accumulate junk that we really don’t NEED in the house. No matter how often I clean up and throw things out, we somehow end up accumulating stuff ALL THE TIME! So what do you do with it??? Yes, you can just chuck the stuff, but why? Don’t they always say, “One Man’s junk is another Man’s Treasure”? There’s always someone on the market looking for what you want to get rid of. So why not turn your junk into profits? Clothes you no longer wear, furniture you no longer want, random items around the house you figure just take up space rather than being useful…All these items call be sold on the FB Marketplace! It’s super easy to use and you make extra $ for what was just laying around the house wasting space (plus it’s extra stuff to clean!). It’s a win to just get rid of it and get some cash in your pocket!

Sell your Services like Bookkeeping or Childcare – 

Untitled design (2)

I personally do Bookkeeping from home to make extra $$. It’s great and you can totally be self-taught and don’t need any certificates or degrees for it. You just need to have basic knowledge of income and expenses and be willing to learn programs like Quickbooks. Another thing that’s great, is to offer child care services! I mean if you’re already home with your own kids, what’s the difference in adding an additional one or two children a day to make some income! Obviously, you want to check with your state’s childcare guidelines first to make sure of the amount of children you’re allowed to watch at a time without having a certified daycare.

Delivery Services Such as Uber Eats or Door Dash –

Untitled design (3)

I totally get how important it is for Moms to leave the house daily, not only to get some peace from their kids, but to do something for themselves! If you have a partner that’s willing to watch the kids when they get home from work, this may be perfect for you to get out of the house a few hours a day by signing up for later shifts. If you go to each of their sites for Uber Eats and Door Dash, you can compare the two first, and see which one is best for you! You’ll want to consider things like what shifts they offer, how much the pay, do they pay mileage, etc. Again, this is just a great option if you feel like you need to get out of the house a bit.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business –

Untitled design (4)

Do you have a hobby that you love?? For this source of creating income, your hobby will have to consist of actually creating cool items that you can sell. Are you into crafts, sewing, jewelry making, printing, etc? If so, you can totally sell your items on sites like Etsy or Shopify. Both are good options for setting up an online store to sell your goods. Things to consider with these options are what fees they charge, what payment options do they offer for your sales, setup fees, customization of your online store, etc. This is a great way to turn your hobby into an actual business! You should also make sure to set up an Instagram account to go with it, so you have a place to promote your products!

Join an MLM –

Untitled design (5)

There are so many Multi-Level Marketing Companies out there to choose from! I’ve been part of several of these companies in the past. They are great opportunities to make money while helping others! The current MLM I’m part of now, is a Vegan Company that offers Skincare & Nutrition and promotes living a healthy lifestyle! So not only do I make $ selling these products, but I help others live a healthier lifestyle as well. Here’s my story if you’re interesting is seeing why it was great for me! Here’s a few MLM companies that I personally love and recommend if you want to get started with joining one.

Usborne Books – Books for Children

Arbonne– Vegan Skincare & Nutrition

Perfectly Posh – Naturally Based Pampering Products

Amare – Supplemental Products that focus on Mental Wellness

31 Bags – Purses, Totes, Bags & Organizational items.

Become a Virtual Assistant – 

Untitled design (6)

Do you have computer skils, office experience or social media skills? If so, then you may want to consider becoming a Virtual Assistant. There are TUNS of opportunities out there and many companies seem to be moving into the virtual realm. All you need for this is a work space, computer, internet access, a phone, useful skills and a will to learn. Things you can do as a virtual assistant is almost unlimited. Examples are answering phone calls, responding to emails, managing social media accounts, doing research, creating digital content, writing blog posts. And the list can go on and on. It really just depends on what you have to offer based on your experience.

Turn a Passion into Income –

Untitled design (7)

Do you love to take pictures or create art? Turn these passions into reality and have them provide a source of income for you and your family. There are so many types of Photography businesses you can start. Again, it depends on you and what you’re interested in. Do you like taking pictures at events? If so, this is another great reason to get yourself out of the house a bit and away from the kids. There are also Apps out there where you can actually sell your photos as well. This Blog post is great to see which Apps make this possible. You can also sell your art using a site like Etsy or on your own website. You can even be creative and have fun by teaching art online. I’ll get into that in a bit!

Start a Blog or Vlog or Both –

Untitled design (8)I’m sure you’ve all heard how profitable Blogging can be. Vlogging can be just as profitable. What’s the difference between the two? Blogging is basically writing Blog posts on topics that interest you and can be useful to others on your own website that you set up through a site like WordPress, where I created mine. Vlogging on the other hand, is done by making videos on platforms like Youtube. I personally have a Youtube Channel as well and I find that it works hand in hand when you have both. Having both also gives you the opportunity to promote your own work from one platform to another! You can get Ad revenue on both and you can make affiliate income from both as well, plus have the opportunity to do sponsored posts. These are only some of the ways you can make income as a Blogger or as a Vlogger.

Affiliate Income –

Untitled design (9)So, I mentioned affiliate income above. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s when you are able to collect a commission as a reward for referring others to buy products from certain sites. For example, Amazon offers an affiliate program for influencers. Once approved for the affiliate program, you use your affiliate links in your blogs, vlogs, social media posts, etc., to encourage others to make their purchases through the use of your links. If purchases are made, you make a cut. Really simple. You just need a good following and enough traffic going to your platforms to make it profitable.

Teaching/Coaching – 

Untitled design (10)Is there something that you’re really good at?? Something that you feel you can teach others? If yes, then why not go ahead and create a course or become a coach in that area of expertise. Again, you don’t need a certification to become a coach, unless it’s a health coach or something along those lines. But if you feel you can maybe help others with their parenting or life or business, then why not help if you can and earn $ for doing so? What do you need? A business name, create a brand for it, register the business if needed, figure out where you’ll find your clients (Facebook is a great start), figure out your fee schedule and how you’ll collect payments. Simple and can be so successful!



Healthy Living

Vegan Breakfast Meal Replacement Shakes

What do I put in my Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes?


Want to know what the main components of my breakfast meal replacement shakes are? You can watch my Live Video Here to Find Out!

Live Facebook Video – What’s in My Shakes??

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. 

My Vegan Breakfast Meal Replacement Shakes Have 3 Main Components

The most important thing about my shakes is that they really serve its purpose of providing me with the vitamins and minerals my body needs. I also use my shakes to help regulate my body’s digestive system. With that being said, here are the 3 main components of my Breakfast Meal Replacement Shake.

  • Protein – I make sure to use a Certified Vegan and Certified Gluten Free Brand. My Brand of Choice has been Arbonne. There are several flavors to choose from. The Vanilla seems to be the most versatile to mix with different flavors (Of course, that’s just my opinion). The Protein in these shakes are derived from Peas and Rice.Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.07.48 AM
  • Fiber – Next is Fiber. We all know how important fiber is for our digestive systems. Not only does it help support regularity, it also supports cardiovascular health. This Gluten Free blend is made up of peas, apples, citrus fruits and beets. The best part is that it’s flavorless, so great to really add to any food, beverage or baked good. Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.07.21 AM
  • Probiotics/Prebiotics – This is my last necessary component of my shakes. Soooo important for GUT HEALTH! Do you currently take a probiotic and prebiotic supplement daily? If not, then you need to start doing so to help naturally support your body’s digestive system. These little packets are perfect for me to just pour into my shake. Comes in a 30 Day Supply. Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.06.33 AM

Once I have these 3 components in my shake, I just add either water or any non-dairy milk to it. I like to switch things up a bit each day. Sometimes Almond Milk, sometimes Coconut or Oat Milk. Then I also add other goodies, depending on what I have on hand that day. Maybe some berries, or half a banana (not whole, due to high sugar content), raw oats, etc.

You can be so creative with the additional flavors you add to these 3 components!


Need help deciding which products may be right for you?

Fill out the brief questionnaire on my Healthy Living Page and I’d be happy to help you out! 


A Basic Guide to Introducing Solids to Your Baby – For First Time Moms

Are you a 1st Time MOM and not really sure how to start feeding your Baby solids? If so, then I hope this post will lead you in the right direction!


Newborn Baby Announcement Social Media Graphic


As a first time Mom, I know how hard it can be when making decisions like this about your baby, and not knowing what the heck you’re doing! I totally get it and I’VE BEEN THERE!! It’s OK to NOT know. The important part is that you do have resources that can help you make these big decisions.

Because I’ve been there before, I want to be able to help other new Moms that may be going through this at the moment.

So let’s get into, how you know your baby may be ready for solids?

Things to ask yourself:

Is your baby still hungry after formula or breastmilk feedings? Waking more at night, due to hunger? Staring at you while you’re eating your food? Trying to reach for your food? All these are signs that your baby may be ready.

What month you start is really up to you. It’s usually between 4-5 months, where I’ve seen most Moms get their babies started. I started all my babies at the 5 month mark and worked my way up gradually.

Let’s talk about what’s first. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “Just add some rice to their milk”? If you’re an experienced Mom, you know exactly what that means, but if you’re new, you’re like “what? rice? how? how much?” It can be so confusing!

I’ve always started my kids on this Gerber’s Single Grain Plain Rice Cereal.Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 5.41.54 PM

What I did to start, was pour a teaspoon full into my baby’s bottles, shake it up and give it to them. This way they get used to the taste and the new texture a little bit. Once the baby adjusts to that, the next move was to try feeding them the cereal in a small bowl with a spoon. Mix it with either formula or breastmilk and make it more liquidy (if that’s a real word, lol) at first. As your baby gets used to it, you can make it thicker over time.

So now that we got our rice cereal down, time to move on to the  veggies.

If you notice on the rice cereal packaging above, in the lower right corner, it has a nice indicator of when your child is ready for that particular food. Super easy guide to follow!

My next food after rice cereal has always been carrots first. Although, you can go with any single veggie of your choice. I say “single veggie”, because it’s not good to mix different food together at first. In Stage 1 of Baby Food, you’ll find that they are all single foods. This is because, the rule of thumb is to introduce foods alone at least 3 days apart from each other to make sure your child doesn’t develop a food allergy from it. If there are signs of an allergic reaction, you’ll know exactly which fruit or veggie was the culprit.

This is what I chose first:

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 6.46.25 PM
Supported Sitter 1st Foods

If you’re wondering if you can make your own first foods, you totally can!! For me personally, it was just always easier to buy these, being a busy working Mom. I also personally chose to use Gerber on all 3 of my kids. But again, that was my choice. There are many brands out there that are also good. Since I used Gerber, I’m using these as my reference for this blog post.

Next, once your baby got to try all the 1st Single Food options, it’s time to start mixing and moving on to Stage 2 when your child is ready. Again, remember to look at the guide listed on the baby food. It’s such a great resource and helps you to make the right feeding decisions that coincide with your babies milestones.

As age does play a role in feeding, so do milestones. Make sure to check with your baby’s pediatrician as well to make sure timing is good to start feeding solids. Every baby shows growth differently and you never want to rush something if you’re baby isn’t ready.

I hope this quick guide to feeding first foods has been able to help you if you’re a new mom! Leave me a comment and let me know how it went. =)

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Until Next Time,

Mommy Mirjana


Living Through a Pandemic with 3 Small Children…

Only a few months back, we all (those of us in the U.S.) sat around and watched what was going on in the world with the new Coronavirus….

As we watched, we started panicking…Will our children be ok? What if something happens to us? Who will take care of them? Will there be space in the hospitals for us God forbid we did get sick? Will we have enough food to feed our children (due to all the “panic buying”)? And the list goes on…


The truth is, we all freaked out and we all got scared of our future and the unknown. And that is OK!

Once the virus made it’s way to the U.S. and it was declared a Pandemic, we got even more terrified. With new lockdown orders, restrictions, business closing, schools closing, many of us losing our jobs, we did the only thing we could do.

We made sure our children were as protected as they could be.

What does that mean for us parents? Following social distancing guidelines as much as possible. Having only 1 parent at a time leave to go to the store to make necessary purchases. Stop all social interactions with friends and family. Keeping all 3 kids home for months! Switching up to homeschooling for my oldest who is 6, and I was shocked, by the way, at the amount of school work she was given on a daily basis!

While homeschooling (which I’ve never done before) a 6 year old, we had to make sure to still entertain our 4 year old and take care of our 1 year old.

What happens while trying to do this???? Absolute chaos!

Yes, it’s always technically chaotic in our home with 3 small children, but this is different. When you can’t go anywhere, or take the kids out for a playdate or to the park for a breather. You literally drive each other bonkers 24/7!

But this was the new “normal”…

As restrictions start to slowly lift now, and there’s still a lot of “unknown” out there, many of us will be hesitant to go back to our old lives (pre-pandemic), even with all the new rules and new way of living.

Parents…this was HARD. VERY HARD, especially for those of you who had to work virtually from home, unable to bring your children to daycares or hire a sitter. You did all of it on your own!

However you decide to make your way back into the new norm and the new version of society, do it at your own comfort level and don’t judge others.

This whole experience only made us stronger as humans and as parents!

Until Next Time,

Mommy Mirjana


How to Stop Your Milk Supply…Without Breastfeeding!

Want to Stop Breastfeeding for Whatever Reason?? Here are some tips to help stop your milk supply!

Right off the bat, just want to get this out there, this blog post is NOT about why or why not to breastfeed. This is for Moms who want to stop their supply of milk for whatever reason they wish. If you either just had a baby and your milk is coming in and you choose to stop it OR if you’ve been breastfeeding and made the decision to stop, then this info can definitely be useful for you.

Just an FYI, I’m not a doctor or a medical professional, I’m just giving some tips that I found useful from my own experiences. I have 3 kids and with all 3 children, I made the decision after my milk came in (appx. 3 days after delivery) to stop it. If you want more info as to why I wanted to stop it, I have a video about my choice here: Why I Plan of Formula Feeding My Baby.

Now, stopping your milk supply can be a tricky task. It may also be difficult. I did whatever I could to prevent mastitis (which i got with my first child) and I successfully avoided it with my 2nd and 3rd kids. Below, I will list the items you need to assist with this and just some general rules of thumb that I learned from medical professionals while going through this process 3 times.

You need:

  • Well Fitting Sports Bras. Not loose, Not too tight.
  • Ice Packs, the ones you purchase at your local pharmacy that you can just throw in your freezer again and again after each use.
  • Whole Heads of Cabbage from your supermarket.
  • Pain Relief

The biggest thing I learned is HEAT PRODUCES MORE MILK while COLD STOPS MILK. With that being said, no hot or warm showers (If the shower is slightly warm so you don’t freeze yourself, just keep your back to the water and not on your chest) and no heat packs. In order to find out exactly what I did, watch my full video here:

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these methods and if they helped! I’d love to hear from you. Remember, I’m not a medical professional, so please reach out to your doctors for medical advice if you have any concerns. I’m happy if this post was able to help any of you!

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Until next time,

Mommy Mirjana


My Top 5 Newborn Essentials

What products are my absolute must haves for my newborn baby boy??

Read below to find out or head over to my Youtube Channel to watch the full video here: Newborn Must Haves 2019

planight (1)

Must Have Newborn Product #1 is the NEWBORN BOPPY LOUNGER

This product is absolutely a lifesaver! I’ve used one for ALL three of my children and each of them loved it! It’s basically a large pillow with a little groove this fits a newborn baby in it perfectly. They are so cute and snug while lounging out in it. I usually kept mine on the living room couch during the day and the baby would just chill while I go about with my daily business at home. Here’s a pic of my baby boy hanging out in his:


Must Have Newborn Product #2 are the MAM Newborn Bottles

Mam Bottles are great for 2 reasons. First reason, is that you can literally take them apart to clean them more efficiently (I haven’t seen other bottles that do this) and second reason is because they are Self-Sanitizing! Yes, that’s what I said. You don’t need any bulky sanitizing machines or to boil them like you would traditionally. Watch my video here, where I demonstrate how to do this: Newborn Must Haves 2019

Must Have Newborn Product #3 is the NOSE FRIDA A.K.A The SNOT SUCKER

I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about this product. I think its genius! Nothing works as well as this product to help clear up your little ones nose. And NO, you’re not sucking in your child’s boogers..You’re sucking them into that long tube which is attached to a filter so the boogies can’t make their way into your mouth. Again, absolutely genius! Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about:


Must Have Newborn Product #4 is the HOMEDICS SOUNDSPA LULLABY

Not only is this item nice and small, but I love all the options it offers. You can choose from 6 different sound options: Ocean, Rain, Cradle, Twinkle, Rock-a-Bye and Heartbeat. It also has the option to turn on projectile images on the ceiling for your little one to gaze at while falling asleep. The best part about this product are the timer options of 15 min, 30 min, 45 min & 60 min. Using a machine like this, in my experience, helped my baby boy sleep better and longer than my girls did (I didn’t use one with them). It’s a win/win for both baby and parents!

Must Have Newborn Product #5 is AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT

This stuff is great, not only for diaper rash but also on your newborn’s little face. It’s nice and thick, so I think it makes a great barrier between your baby’s bum and their diaper to help prevent rash and to get rid of rash if it’s already started. I used this product on my little one’s baby acne on his face, as well, and it helped clear it up. Now, I regularly put it on his chin so he doesn’t break out with all the drooling he’s started.

I hope this blog post has helped you decide which baby essentials are right for and your little ones. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these items that I have recommended!


Mommy Mirjana





Becoming a Mom of Three…


So…when I started this Blog, I was a Mom of 2.

Soon After, I realized that I was acting different. I was overly emotional and crying for almost anything. I knew at that point that something was up. Turns out I was Pregnant…

I had just started working at a daycare, which is not an easy job, when I found out that I was expecting our third child. As difficult as it was, I worked until my 9th month. On my feet 8 + hours a day, taking care of a classroom full of other people’s children, I figured at the time, “If I can handle this, I can definitely handle three of my own kids”.

Well, the time has come, my little son, (Sami), is now 3 weeks old, and I’m officially a MOM OF THREE! I still can’t really believe it.

Taking care of the baby this time, seems like a breeze due to my experience with my first two and help from my 5 year old. What seems complicated though, is coming up with a new routine and figuring out how the heck to do things and go places with 3 kids! It does feel overwhelming right now, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough, right?

Also, learning to have more patience. Patience is key with 3 kids (or with any amount of kids for that matter), but with 3 you need even more than with 1 or 2. I give props to all the parents out there that have more kids. I have no idea how in the world you do it. All the power to you!!

So now begins my journey as a MOM OF THREE. Wish me luck! =)


*** To check out my Labor and Delivery Vlog, head over to OUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS




Why I Started a Blog…

Why I started to blogSo, I guess everyone that starts a Blog has a reason for it right?? (Maybe not, but I’m assuming so) =)

To get right into it, the last few months have been a rollercoaster ride for me. It all started when I broke my leg back in October of 2017, right before Halloween (I’ll leave a link below to the Vlog). Before this happened I was a full-time working Mama that was beyond exhausted and was clearly over extending myself in every possible direction, like almost every Mom on the planet does. Once I was in better condition I went back to work on a part-time basis while I continued to recover…..Problem is, I never fully recovered.

Five months later, I switched doctors, explaining the situation, and scheduled knee surgery for the end of March 2018. Since then, I have been recovering nicely while on a temporary disability from my job.

So here’s the twist to this…I thought I was going to return to work the beginning of June, but instead a turn of events happened that basically left me now applying for unemployment!!?? It’s not like I had enough to deal with already this year, right???? Just can’t seem to catch a break for some reason. It’s ok though, I’m confident things will get better. What comes down can only go back up right???

So, here I am now, starting my Blog.

I’ve been applying for jobs every single day so far. I’m already coming to the realization that it’s not going to be easy to find something. Especially something that works for a Mom with 2 young kids.

Essentially, this Blog is my backup plan. Just in case I end up still unemployed when my unemployment runs out, I can have something up and running. I see all the time on my facebook feeds that so many moms are making income off their blogs and I always wished I was one of them. Well, here’s my chance to try and make that happen.

My job for the next few months is to figure out how exactly this whole Blogging thing works and just set my mind on soon running a successful Blog.

Now that you know the story on why I’m giving Blogging a try, let me know if you have any tips for me on how to make this a success in the comments section right down below.

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Talk to you soon,

Mommy Mirjana

Here’s the video of the day I broke my leg: