IMG_9277Let me introduce ourselves. I’m Mirjana AKA Mommy Mirjana, and I’ve got two lovely (& crazy) girls, Liana & Jasmina and a baby boy, Sami.  We’ve been on Youtube for a while now, where we’ve had A LOT of fun recording vlogs and other fun and informational videos. If you’d like to check us out on Youtube, here’s our channel: MOMMY MIRJANA

So basically, this blog is a place, not only for us to share our youtube content, but a place where I can relate to other busy moms out there!

A little bit about me, I graduated college in 2003 with a degree in Media and Marketing Communications. After graduating, I found myself working in the world of banking, finance and bookkeeping for over 10 years! Not exactly where I pictured myself when I was younger, but I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in those industries over the years. After getting married and having kids, my priorities changed. My kids and family became my priority! Even though I still work as a Bookkeeper from home as a freelancer, and I have a full time job outside of the house, I’ve been working on ways to add additional income streams to eventually replace my full-time work so I can be that stay-at-home Mama I always pictured myself to be!

In the mix of it all, I’ve decided that it’s time for this Mama to live a healthier lifestyle and make more time for myself! I’m sure most of you know, if you have kids, it can be extremely hard to put time on the side for yourself.

In this Blog, I’ll be sharing some of my journey to healthier living, some financial tips that I’ve learned over the years and my life as a Mom of three!

I hope you enjoy this Blog and have a chance to follow us as well on our other Social Media Accounts!





Mommy Mirjana & The Kiddos =)


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