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Welcome & Thanks for Visiting us here on our Blog! =)

Let me introduce ourselves. I’m Mirjana AKA Mommy Mirjana, and I’ve got two lovely (& crazy) girls, Liana & Jasmina. We’re from the U.S. and our background is mixed of Serbian & Montenegrin descent. We’ve been on Youtube for just about a year now, where we’ve had A LOT of fun recording vlogs and other fun videos. If you’d like to check us out on Youtube, here’s our channel: Momlife & The Kiddos

So basically, now we’re ready to leap into the next step of the social media world, by starting our own Blog!

I’ve got so much to Share with all you Mama’s out there, and so many ideas that are running through my head all the time, so I figure this would be the best place to share all of those goodies!

I hope you enjoy this Blog and have a chance to follow us as well on our other Social Media Accounts, I’ll leave the links here below:

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