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5 Reasons Stay-at-Home Moms Need to Have a Side Hustle!

SAHM’s are so Overwhelmed most of the time! Yes, I know what you’re thinking….How could I possibly have time for a Side Hustle if I’m already SO overwhelmed???

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In this Blog Post, I will give you 5 Reasons why I believe ALL Stay-at-Home Moms should have a Side Hustle!

Here they are:

1- Sense of Community:

It’s all too often that I hear Moms say how overwhelmed they feel and how lonely it is being with ONLY kids all day. With only limited adult conversations and interaction, it can make a person feel isolated.

This is why it’s so important for a Mom to be part of a Community. By having a Side Hustle, you become immersed in a new culture. You also end up networking, meeting new friends & growing as an individual.

As a result of becoming part of a community, you become more focused on YOU besides just being focused the kids AND it gives you that real interaction that you NEED to avoid feeling isolated.

2- Earning Your Own Income:

Financial Independence!! This is sooooo important to me! I can’t imagine having to depend on someone else for money. I love the freedom that I have to make purchases without having to ask anyone if it’s ok. It’s mine. I work hard for it and I have every right to spend it.

I have heard so many stories from women who say they need to ask their husbands or partners first before they make a purchase (yes, it’s totally respectful to do so, especially if you have shared expenses).

BUT, the difference between asking out of RESPECT and asking because you HAVE TO is a big difference! When you make your own money, you have more independence. Very simple.

3- Having Something on Your Resume:

A lot of times Moms leave the workplace after having kids for one reason or another. Years later, once the kids are back in school and you’re ready to get back into the workplace. Well, guess what? It actually may be hard to get back in the workplace with a large gap in your resume.

This is unfortunate and it truly bothers me, but that’s the way it seems to be most of the time. Employers don’t want large resume gaps. They want to see that you were active in the workplace. It tells them that you can still work with others, you’re caught up on any changes with technology and most important, that you still have a drive to work.

What you can do to minimize this gap, is have a side job/gig and add it to your resume! There are tuns of skills acquired while having side gigs such as, technology/computer skills, marketing skills, social media strategy skills, etc. Utilize this and place it on your resume to let employers know that you’re still in the game!

4- Builds Confidence & Self Esteem:

One of the biggest things I hear from Stay-at-Home Moms is how they end up losing their sense of self. Often, they become so immersed in taking care of everyone else in their household that they tend to forget about themselves. Does this sound familiar to you?

What’s important, is to recognize when this happens and get out of that cycle ASAP!

Start putting yourself first! If we take care of ourselves better, we can take care of everyone else even better! As an example, when I joined my MLM, it helped me tremendously. I started taking care of myself again after years of putting myself last! (Disclosure: An MLM you choose has to feel properly aligned with you, you need a good supportive upline and you need to put effort into it).

If you have and do these things, it becomes such a great community! And guess what happens? Most importantly, you re-gain your confidence and self-esteem and start taking better care of yourself! (If you want to know more about my MLM you can head over HERE)

5- Can Turn into Full Time Income:

What can happen when you start a side hustle or side gig as a SAHM? The possibilities are really endless! Years ago, when I started a Bookkeeping side gig from home after having my first child, I never would have imagined that it would end up being one of my main sources of income years later!

Regardless of the type of side hustle you decide to start, you really never know where it can take you! It can end up becoming the best choice you ever made! It can also turn into a full time income generating machine! Remember, the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve thought about starting a Side Gig or Side Hustle, but have no idea where to start or no idea what you want to do, Let me help give you clarity! Get on a FREE 15 Min Call with me to help you figure it out!

Mirjana Lalic: Mompreneur Coach