How to get your Child to eat more Fruits and Vegetables…

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I hear it ALL the time! “My kids won’t eat their Fruits & Veggies” – Here’s are my Solutions!

Daily Gummies – I give my kids their daily dose of fruits and veggies in gummy form which they love! I use the Juice Plus brand and have been using it for years. It was actually recommended to me by my kid’s pediatrician. I buy the monthly subscription service so I know we’re always stocked up.

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These gummies are Gluten Free, Vegan & Non-GMO and packed with various fruits and veggies! Nothing else. That’s why I love them and have been using it for years. Not only are my kids less sick since using them, but they became better eaters after using these as well!

Shakes for Snack – What kid doesn’t like either shakes or smoothies?? Mine love them! So the trick here is to make them tasty so that it hides all the healthy stuff kids usually dislike! Mine love smoothies with Strawberry, Bananas & Milk. What they don’t know is that I add some Spinach or Kale in there as well (Tip: Not too much, because it’ll make it too green & suspicious! lol). =)

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Another thing I add to them If I feel my kids need an extra boost of vitamins & minerals is a small scoop of Certified Vegan Shake Mix. It’s safe for kids over Age 1 & packed with nutrients! The kids love it & I’m happy that they are getting their nutrition in.

Soups & Stews – This one is huge in our house. I make soups or stews at least 2 times a week and make extra for leftovers. Cook down meats with all types of veggies & seasoning until everything is nice and tender & incorporated. Remove all but the broth and place the items in a blender with a splash of broth or water. Once blended, add it back to the soup or stew. Doing this makes your Soup or Stew slightly less watery but still not thick. Perfect for kids! They have no idea they’re eating all that goodness. Add some fun shaped little pasta to it and it’s even better!

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Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve tried any of these methods for your kids. There are so many more ways as well, but these are my 3 easiest quickest ways I recommend!