How to Stop Your Milk Supply…Without Breastfeeding!

Want to Stop Breastfeeding for Whatever Reason?? Here are some tips to help stop your milk supply!

Right off the bat, just want to get this out there, this blog post is NOT about why or why not to breastfeed. This is for Moms who want to stop their supply of milk for whatever reason they wish. If you either just had a baby and your milk is coming in and you choose to stop it OR if you’ve been breastfeeding and made the decision to stop, then this info can definitely be useful for you.

Just an FYI, I’m not a doctor or a medical professional, I’m just giving some tips that I found useful from my own experiences. I have 3 kids and with all 3 children, I made the decision after my milk came in (appx. 3 days after delivery) to stop it. If you want more info as to why I wanted to stop it, I have a video about my choice here: Why I Plan of Formula Feeding My Baby.

Now, stopping your milk supply can be a tricky task. It may also be difficult. I did whatever I could to prevent mastitis (which i got with my first child) and I successfully avoided it with my 2nd and 3rd kids. Below, I will list the items you need to assist with this and just some general rules of thumb that I learned from medical professionals while going through this process 3 times.

You need:

  • Well Fitting Sports Bras. Not loose, Not too tight.
  • Ice Packs, the ones you purchase at your local pharmacy that you can just throw in your freezer again and again after each use.
  • Whole Heads of Cabbage from your supermarket.
  • Pain Relief

The biggest thing I learned is HEAT PRODUCES MORE MILK while COLD STOPS MILK. With that being said, no hot or warm showers (If the shower is slightly warm so you don’t freeze yourself, just keep your back to the water and not on your chest) and no heat packs. In order to find out exactly what I did, watch my full video here:

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these methods and if they helped! I’d love to hear from you. Remember, I’m not a medical professional, so please reach out to your doctors for medical advice if you have any concerns. I’m happy if this post was able to help any of you!

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Until next time,

Mommy Mirjana